How the Rating System Works

On this site, several of the places are given a rating on a scale of one to ten.  This is a method of finding the absolute best sites in the city, both on their own and in comparison to each other.

  1. How good of an attraction is this place, really?  When you travel, there are places that you will remember forever, and those that will be faint in your memory.  The truly great sites are those that stick with you.
  2. Is there anything that detracts from the visitor’s experience?  On that contrary, is there anything truly special that just adds to it?  Some places, after the full article, are given a score addition or detraction (for example; (-.5) (+1))
  3. And finally, this may not seem very fair, but it’s still necessary; how good is this site compared to the top tier of attractions?  It is inevitable that famous places like Independence Hall and the Art Museum will be the best.  Rating a sight does involve how it compares to others, alongside its own merit.

While it is definitely true that most people would agree with my ratings, or at least understand them, it is still my opinion.  I do believe that my personal opinions and tastes will interfere with the material that gets published here.  In actuality, the rating system is a way of getting my personal beliefs out of the rankings and verdicts.  If you disagree, feel free to, just be respectful about it.